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The devilishly handsome actor you see here is not me, but some people with poor eyesight say that I look like Robert Downey Jr. It was more true in the 90’s than it is now, because age. Who exactly are you considering working with? A less-talented, less-intelligent, less-attractive, less-accomplished, less-funny, (much) less-wealthy version of Robert Downey Jr., that’s who. (Image/Pinterest)

I’m exploring new opportunities. If you’re interested in working with me, please reach out at (That’s 3 Ts.)

There are several ways we could work together, depending on your wants and needs.

I might be useful as a writer and operator of this website whose mission is to try to help others avoid divorce and toxic relationships by sharing stories of past mistakes and new ideas.

Or maybe you’d be interested in working with me as a digital strategist and content marketing consultant capacity, which is what I do professionally. I help companies develop and execute content marketing strategies that help them tell the right stories about their brands that ultimately help grow their audience and business.

Who Should Reach Out About Working Together:

  • Licensed Therapists/Marriage Counselors Interested in Reaching More People
  • Content Publishers or Educators of Any Kind Looking for Partnership Opportunities*
  • Advertisers and Sponsored Posts Inquirers*
  • Groups Looking to Fill Speaker Rosters**
  • Companies and Brands Seeking Consulting Help in Developing a Content Plan to Grow Their Online Business

Who Should NOT Reach Out About Working Together:

  • Couples and Individuals Seeking Relationship Advice or Coaching***
  • Any Person or Group Whose Core Values Do Not Align with the MBTTTR Mission
  • My Co-Worker Paul****
*I take seriously this blog’s mission to help others. As operator of MBTTTR, I will never work with advertisers, publishers, content producers, or groups of any kind where I question their commitment to helping people live their best lives and ultimately reducing instances of broken families, broken relationships, and divorce.
**I am an inexperienced public speaker. I have spoken exclusively at Toastmasters events, where everyone is secretly obligated to say nice things and pretend to be interested. I may suck big-time. Or I may be phenomenal, and simply lack experience. If we assume the former, I’m sure we’ll get off on the right foot.
***I would love to work with individuals and couples directly in a coaching capacity, but the truth is I lack the relevant knowledge, experience and expertise to be confident in my ability to help. Instead, I am exploring new working relationships with actual professionals which I hope might evolve into content or services that can truly make a difference in the lives of those who need it.
****I think seeing one another pretty much every day at work is enough, don’t you? Don’t call me unless you’re trying to go out for beers (AND if you promise not to order hot sandwiches with cold and rigid unmelted cheese on it, you lunatic.)

How Would We Work Together?

Only in ways that make sense and provide value to all involved, including end users. If an idea doesn’t appear to ultimately help or benefit others, even if that’s in the form of selling products or services to customers, I won’t be interested.

Professional Therapists & Marriage Counselors

I believe combining your education, experience and professionalism of working with couples with a good content strategy (which might include articles, videos, workshops, podcasts, live chats, etc.) could help a lot of people. If you believe you could benefit from my audience (I know I could certainly benefit from your expertise and professional credibility), please let me know.

Content Creators & Educators

The only way to change our culture of divorce and toxic relationships is to educate people about what breaks relationships BEFORE they accidentally do them. We teach children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. We teach children about the dangers of bullying, unsafe sexual activity, etc. But very little is done to arm our youth with the knowledge and tools necessary to foster healthy and sustainable romantic relationships. That needs to change. If you’re interested in exploring ideas, and feel as if I might be able to contribute, please reach out at your convenience.

Advertisers, Agencies, Sponsored Post Inquiries

For the first time in five years of writing MBTTTR, I am legitimately open to advertising and sponsored posts, with a significant caveat. I am only interested in promoting products and services that I believe can help individuals and couples improve their relationships in healthy, sustainable ways. If you or your company offers a product or service that passes the This Will Help People Have Better Relationships and Marriages sniff-test, then I’m excited to talk to you about them.

As for sponsored posts, I’m less inclined to run content submitted by you, and more inclined to write my own post (approved by you before publication, of course) that can also serve the mission of helping others. Effective content marketing is about telling honest stories to the people interested in hearing them. Money is a byproduct of putting the right products and services in front of the people who want them because they will make their lives better.

Event Planners Looking for Speakers

Seriously, I might be a bad choice for your event in my current form (inexperienced and afraid). But I am legitimately interested in exploring speaking opportunities, and if you feel as if my subject matter makes sense for your event, perhaps the idea is worth exploring.

Companies Looking for Content Marketing/Digital Strategy Consultation (in Any Industry)

If you are familiar with my writing, and somehow are also in need of a content strategy for your business or website, maybe I can help you. If you would like to find out, please send inquiries to

I look forward to connecting with you.

Let’s talk soon!

– Matt

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