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My First Radio Interview

On Air Radio


Back at my first newsroom job, my paper had a partnership with a regional television news network. Whenever big stories broke, the TV people always wanted whichever print reporter was covering that story to do a live on-air television interview.

Just thinking about it gave me the cold sweats. I get nervous about public speaking and stuff. Anytime I was working on a story the TV people wanted to interview me for, I’d always find a way out of it. Sometimes, I’d simply disappear so they couldn’t reach me.

When the “dishes” post blew up last month, I received several interview requests, all of which I declined. Now, with the dust settled a month later, a couple of them have reached back out to me, and yesterday, I agreed to my first-ever live interview with AM 630 CHED in Edmonton, AB.

I was totally nervous about it, left work a half hour early to get home in plenty of time for the scheduled interview, and drank a little nerve-calming tequila because, hell yeah tequila.

If you want, you can hear the interview in the audio clip below. It only got weird a few times. The segment with me begins at the 17:55-minute mark. You can use the right-arrow key on your keyboard to fast forward to that spot.


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